Psychology Associates provides a wide range of training and workshops to fellow healthcare professionals (including psychologists, counsellors and psychiatrists), teaching and education staff, solicitors, social workers and parents.

Training & Workshops for Healthcare Professionals in the UK

Since its foundation in 2000, Psychology Associates has provided training programmes to large organisations such as NSPCC, Action For Children and Barnardo’s.

Psychology Associates is a multidisciplinary practice, with our clinicians specialising in a wide range of areas including complex mental health difficulties, attachment, trauma, self harm and learning disabilities. Due to our plethora of clinical expertise, as a practice we are able to ensure training programmes are bespoke and informative to meet an organisation’s and individuals’ needs.

We know there is no ‘one size fits all’ for training, and we understand what may be beneficial for one organisation may not be for another. For this reason, we get to know your aims and the objectives you wish to attain before the course, and we ensure we tailor our programme around this.

Further information about the wide variety of exciting training events we can deliver can be found in our Training Directory. The Directory is by no means exhaustive, so if you have particular need for a training course or workshop then please contact us. We would be very happy to discuss your needs and what we are able to offer.

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Training Testimonials

“Fantastic, really interesting, informative and enjoyable day. Very interesting”
Exeter Deaf Academy
“Incredible trainer! So clever and knowledgeable. Could listen to her forever. Feel like I've learnt loads which will inform my practice!”
Support Worker
IMARA Charity
“Would definitely recommend this session and would attend other courses provided by Psychology Associates!”
“Great trainer, clever and knowledgeable, will make a real difference to the way we work”
Social Worker
Action for Children