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We are an outstanding multidisciplinary practice including Clinical Psychologists and Wellbeing practitioners who are experienced in helping businesses and organisations increase well-being in the workplace and how to get the most out of their teams.

We can help organisations to become more mental health informed and aware, more skilled at having difficult conversations and help to develop strategies to reduce stress in the workplace, while maintaining high levels of achievement.

We can support organisations through periods of change and difficulties while promoting positive well-being, reducing stress and sick leave and increasing staff retention. We offer training to managers to increase their understanding and to feel confident when faced with complex mental health issues within the team.

We can provide mental health assessments and make recommendations regarding individual employees as well as providing therapy if required. We can provide a help line run by Clinical Psychologists to support staff, free up managers and help staff to feel more confident to perform well in work.

Some of the services we can provide to your organisation include:

Individual Therapy for colleagues:
(a minimum 8-10 sessions are usually recommended for lasting positive change).

We have a variety of highly skilled and experienced accredited mental health (MH) practitioners including Wellbeing Practitioners, Counsellors, Psychotherapists and Clinical and Educational Psychologists. All can provide high quality and confidential consultation and therapeutic intervention for employees who may be struggling with issues such as anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, substance misuse, eating disorders, additional learning or physical needs, bereavement and loss. More information on our Therapy services please click here.

We can design and deliver training specifically to suit the needs of your business. e.g. mental health awareness within business, COVID anxiety, Supporting employees back to work, How to facilitate groups, How to have difficult conversations, Trauma awareness, Vicarious Trauma, Managing Stress, Reducing cognitive bias. For more information on our Training services please click here.

Consultation with a Clinical Psychologist
We can provide an opportunity for senior members of organisations including HR Managers, Directors and other managers to discuss any in house Mental Health issues or think more broadly about how to introduce and manage change in a Mental Health informed way, options for signposting, practical ways to reduce stress within the workplace and decision making without bias and with compassion.

Reflective Practice
Our clinicians can facilitate groups to have some time to reflect on feelings and to listen to the voices of others. These sessions are extremely helpful to support staff through periods of stress, organisational change, isolation and transition. They help to develop healthy communication, reduce stress, increase inclusivity and help maintain a sense of belonging and being heard. This promotes positive well-being and enhances the quality of the working environment.

Psychological Assessment
We provide a variety of assessments including the use of recognised and evidenced-based psychometrics to assess an individual’s Mental Health and well-being. This can be in particular relation to sick leave or capacity for returning to work. This may include direct assessment, review of medical records, liaison with managers, administration scoring and interpretation of psychometrics, formulation, recommendations and report. We can support managers navigate the processes involved and develop a better understanding of disability issues connected with Mental Health.

Please contact Psychology Associates to arrange a free consultation with Dr Kerry Davison (Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Director at PA) to discuss the individual needs of your company or organisation.

Please note the above services are currently being provided remotely until further notice due to COVID-19. If you like more information on any of the above services including costs and availability please contact us.


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