“I genuinely don’t have any suggestions for this. I have had a few types of therapy sessions in the past and this has by far exceeded my expectations”

Feedback from a client when asked if we could improve anything

What are Psychological Therapies?

Psychological therapies are sometimes referred to as “talking therapies” and involve meeting with a qualified professional therapist on a regular basis to explore distress and difficulties in a confidential and safe setting. We offer therapy to adult clients, couples, families and groups in several locations; at our practice in Saltash, our practice in Exeter and by arrangement at other local therapy spaces across Devon and Cornwall.
Our clinicians often work successfully with clients who have tried therapy or counselling before and not benefited in the way that they would have wanted. We are highly trained and as Clinical Psychologists have training in several therapeutic approaches, meaning that we can tailor the therapy to the needs of each person rather than trying to make one model fit everyone. Our clients tell us that this broad range of training and flexibility enables them to develop an understanding of themselves using a range of ideas and perspectives. Clients comment on the importance of working with a professional they can trust and feel they have a good relationship with. We employ a number of very experienced Psychologists and Therapists which means that clients have choice in who they see.

How can I see a Psychologist?

At Psychology Associates we work collaboratively with our clients to explore how their difficulties developed, what might be maintaining them and identifying strengths and resources that might enable the person to feel empowered to recover and heal. We work at the person’s own pace, regularly discussing goals and progress to ensure that the therapeutic process feels supportive and manageable. We offer an initial appointment to discuss what the person would like from therapy, what brings them to therapy at this particular time and we discuss how to proceed if the client would wish to enter into therapy. Our therapists offer short, medium and long-term therapy depending on what is required. We can discuss the length of therapy in the first few sessions.
Our highly qualified psychologists offer a wide range of different therapy options on an individual, couple or family basis allowing us to match their skills to your needs, as well as offer you a choice in who you see.

We work with people across the lifespan to address the full range of psychological presentations including:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Stress

  • Low self esteem

  • Post traumatic stress

  • Eating disorders

  • Anger management

  • Relationship difficulties

  • Complex developmental trauma

  • Attachment difficulties

  • Behavioural difficulties



At Psychology Associates we pride ourselves on being a highly ethical and client-focused practice. If we think you can get suitable therapeutic support from another service that does not involve charges, we will tell you. If you decide to go down that route we will facilitate a referral to the appropriate service for you.

If you decide to continue with us, you will benefit from:

  • Short waiting list
  • Flexible appointments
  • Therapy provided in a setting that suits you
  • Bespoke therapy designed around your needs
  • Self referral or referral from your healthcare provider
Please call us on 0845 026 7260 or if you prefer email