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The following is a list of the exciting and varied training events we are delivering throughout 2024, both virtually and face to face. These trainings are also outlined in our 2024 Training Calendar.

Please note that we are constantly developing new training courses, so please do continue to visit this page to be kept informed as further training opportunities are added.

We also offer bespoke training design for organisations, which cover a wide range of topics across the mental health spectrum. Further information about the fantastic variety of training events we can provide can be found in our  Training Directory.

If there is a particular training(s) you would be interested in, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Therapeutic Approaches to Child Based Play Virtual Training

AudienceSchool and education setting staff. Training Content‒ Introduction to therapeutic play.‒ Exploration of why play is important.‒ Guiding principles of therapeutic play.‒ Practical ideas and strategies to use with children you work with. What attendees will gain from this training‒ Increased awareness and understanding of the principles and benefits…


Understanding ACEs and Childhood Trauma Virtual Training

This training will focus on the difficulties and challenges individuals across the life span face when they have experienced early trauma and/or Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). This training will provide theoretical underpinnings to understanding the effects of ACEs on the developing brain, behaviour and capacity to learn. Some practical…


Supporting Employees and Clients with the Menopause in the Workplace

This training is relevant for all types of businesses and organisations, and will focus on how these settings, including senior leaders, managers, directors and other key members of a team, can actively support employees and clients who are experiencing the Menopause. Symptoms of menopause can be varied and often…


DDP South West Special Interest Group virtual meeting

This free group offers a space to build professional connections, keep in touch with the wider DDP community and to support each other’s DDP journey and so is a great opportunity for those who have completed DDP training at Level One and above….


Mental Health in the Workplace – FREE Virtual Workshop

Come along to our FREE virtual workshop presented by some of our team of mental health experts. Suitable for all businesses and organisations who are keen to learn more about how to look after their employees’ and team’s wellbeing….


An Introduction to Therapeutic Models

This training will be an introduction to a range of therapeutic models, to include the neuro-sequential model of therapeutics, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Compassion Focused Therapy, Systemic approaches and Family Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Dyadic Developmental Practice, EMDR, Theraplay, Life Story Work Therapy and Video Interaction Guidance. Attendees will…


Introducing Working Memory Virtual Training

This session will provide an introduction to the concepts of Working Memory and Executive Functions. It will also provide an overview of barriers and challenges to these functions and signs to look out for to help adults know when children and young people would benefit from support, linking directly…


Understanding Self-Injury – Supporting Children & Young People

This course will define self-injury and will provide attendees with a deeper understanding of why children and young people might self-injure. The course will focus on the cycle of self-injury, providing attendees with practical advice and strategies for breaking this cycle and supporting those that self-injure themselves. This training…


Building Attachment Security Virtual Training

This training will provide a deeper understanding of how to build attachment security with young people and their primary care givers. It will also provide an overview of all attachment styles, early brain development and how trauma can impact a child’s development, as well as their brain and attachment…


Understanding and Supporting Autism in Children

This training will be valuable for individuals and parents/carers who support and care for children and/or young people with suspected or diagnosed Autism. It will enhance your awareness and understanding of how to discuss a possible diagnosis with a young person, main presenting symptoms of Autism, and how Autism…


Annual Virtual Conference – Supporting Critical Incidents & Trauma: a ‘whole community’ approach to recovery with Key Note Speaker David Trickey

Our 2024 Virtual Conference will focus on supporting all those impacted by Critical Incidents, drawing upon evidence-based approaches to improve professionals and carers’ understanding of the nature and impact of trauma. You may work within a school, residential setting or another organisation that is trauma-informed and seeking to support…


Vicarious Trauma Virtual Training

Mental health professionals, medical staff, social workers, drug alcohol workers and solicitors are routinely exposed to high levels of psychological trauma when supporting their clients. This work can have an impact on their psychological health and is often cumulative. Over time it can lead to mental health difficulties, with…


Having Difficult Conversations Virtual Training

This training will be beneficial for any professional, especially those who line manage or appraise, who may need to have difficult conversations with either fellow employees and/or clients, customers or those you support in your profession (such as parents and carers). Having a difficult conversation can be anxiety provoking,…


Sensory Processing and Integration Virtual Training

This training will provide an overview of Sensory Processing (SP) and sensory integration theory, and will highlight how SP difficulties may manifest in a child’s behaviour. It will develop a wider understanding of an individual’s 8 senses and how they can be affected by SP difficulties as well as…


Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Neurodiversity can mean that you experience, interact, process and interpret day to day life differently. This training will focus on providing practical strategies to ensure organisations feel more confident in supporting employees who have suspected or diagnosed conditions surrounding Neurodiversity (such as Autism and ADHD), helping them to feel…


Mental Health Awareness for Professionals Virtual Training

Stress, depression and anxiety are thought to be responsible for 91 million lost working days each year in the UK*. This training is applicable to all professionals wanting to better support their colleagues with their wellbeing within the workplace. Attendees will gain an understanding of common mental health difficulties,…


The Vagus Nerve and Trauma – through a Multidisciplinary Lens Virtual Training

This training will provide an overview of the different branches and functions of the vagus nerve, through the lens of Polyvagal Theory by Dr Stephen Porges. It also explores the impact of trauma on the vagus nerve from a multidisciplinary perspective (Senior Occupational Therapist and Senior Clinical Psychologist) including…


Emotional Security in the Classroom Virtual Training

This training will explore attachment, trauma and therapeutic approaches that build emotional security for children and young people across the age range. The training will provide direct links to hands on practice and explore ways to attune, connect and co-regulate children’s emotional needs, as well as to embed a…


Assessing Safe Parenting

This training will look at the factors that impact parenting capacity. It will present a model of how to assess if a parent is a safe carer and will explore what needs to happen for them to become safe if they are not currently meeting this requirement. Healthy parenting…


Giving Expert Opinion and Testimony

This course is for professionals who provide their expert opinion within a court process and for those looking to become an expert witness. Professionals will learn about the basics of the court process and practical strategies to help them feel more confident if they are to ever be called…


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