Multidisciplinary Services

At Psychology Associates we have number of professionals from different disciplines including Clinical Psychologists, Educational Psychologists, Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Therapists, who can provide in-depth specialist assessments and therapeutic assessments.

These assessments can be provided by one clinician from one discipline, or we can provide multidisciplinary assessments to provide a more comprehensive understanding. For further information about Specialist Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language or Educational Psychology assessments, please see our specific pages for additional information. Further information about assessments we can provide for court or legal matters can be found on our Expert Opinion page.

Specialist Clinical Psychology assessments can be requested to help make sense of an individual’s internal world, attachment relationships, emotional well-being and mental health. These assessments may be requested by families directly, or, by organisations offering support to an individual who wish to gain a deeper understanding, and therefore, know how to better support the individual. 

Our assessments can range from parents requesting an assessment to better understand the difficult behaviours and emotions expressed by their child, or residential placements seeking a deeper understanding of the impact of trauma on a resident and how the environment can be accommodated to support them. No two assessments are the same so please contact our referrals team to discuss your specific needs and we can create a bespoke assessment to suit you.

An exciting area of our work is multidisciplinary assessments. Many of our referrals are funded through the Adoption Support Fund (ASF), where social workers refer adoptees  to us who are displaying complex difficulties who require assessment and discussion at our multidisciplinary panel (comprising Clinical Psychology, Educational Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language and Paediatric input). 

Families and individuals can also self-refer into this service when the presenting difficulties are more complex and span more than one field of expertise.

Difficulties typically referred to the panel include:

Diagnoses can sometimes be a controversial issue and have many positive and negative implications attached. At Psychology Associates our primary aim is to make sense of the presenting difficulties, and provide that understanding to those requesting our help.

Please note that we do not offer diagnostic assessments for ADHD.

If requested, we can look into whether a diagnosis may be a useful way to understand an aspect of an individual, but we will always provide this within the context of understanding what the diagnosis means for that individual. With every assessment we will also make appropriate and helpful recommendations together with information about where support can be accessed (if needed) to implement these recommendations.


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