Trauma Recovery and Care Communities

About TRaCC

TRaCC is our new and dynamic multidisciplinary model of understanding and working with complex developmental trauma through a whole community approach. It strives to help organisations to create an emotionally safe and trauma infused environment for everyone, improving outcomes for young people and encouraging positive staff wellbeing.

Aimed at any organisation or community working with children who have experienced trauma, it works by creating bespoke individualised packages of training, consultation and ongoing support for organisations. Understanding the impact of developmental and complex trauma on brain development and a neuro-sequential approach to recovery informs all that we do.

Why is TRaCC different from other approaches?

TRaCC differs from other approaches as we work with the whole organisation to ensure that everyone is supported to understand and promote recovery from developmental trauma.

We use an organisation specific, integrative multidisciplinary approach with our team of Clinical and Educational Psychologists, Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Therapists. The model encourages ongoing support with regular reviews and helps staff to feel informed, equipped and emotionally secure.


What does TRaCC involve?

An initial needs-based audit of your setting helps our team to assess and recommend the bespoke service individually tailored to your organisation. This will inform the training and services that are provided as well as the style and amount of ongoing support and consultation required to ensure that this learning is embedded into practice throughout your setting. 

The TRaCC Programme features;

  • Initial Meeting – to help our team to understand the specific needs of your organisation
  • Needs-based audit of your community – interviews, staff and young people’s surveys, review of policies, referrals and Ofsted reports among other important documents help to inform recommendations.
  • Induction Training, Day 1 and 2 – includes the importance of self-care and values, introduction to the neuro-sequential approach, understanding child development, understanding attachment, trauma and effects of ACEs.
  • Essential Training, Day 1 and 2 – includes therapeutic parenting, caring and teaching, understanding blocked trust and blocked care, self-care, vicarious trauma and values, as well as an introduction to understanding the effects of trauma on sensory processing and speech, language and communication.
  • Re-evaluation, review and recommend – to measure change and make new recommendations

Our expert team can also provide a broad and extensive range of optional additional training on topics such as Child Sexual Exploitation, self-injury, precision teaching, mental health awareness and therapeutic play, depending on the outcome of the audit and your organisation’s requirements.

TRaCC involves support such as assessments, direct therapeutic intervention, consultation, evidence-based learning interventions and reflective practice.

If you would like to speak to a member of our team to discuss how TRaCC could be vital for your organisation and to explore associated costs and timescales, please do get in touch.


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