Mental Capacity Assessments

Our Psychologists are able to undertake Mental Capacity Assessments to support applications to the Court of Protection as well as Neuropsychological assessments, including cognitive and memory functioning.

Mental Capacity Assessments from Psychology Associates

Mental Capacity Assessments from Psychology Associates

Individuals lacking capacity may find it hard to understand information given to them, retain relevant information and/or weigh up a decision based on the information available. An individual may also find it hard to communicate their own information or decision.

The Mental Capacity Act (2005), was implemented to empower and protect individuals who may struggle to make decisions for themselves, or communicate their decisions effectively.

An Individual's capacity could be affected temporarily, or permanently due to any of the following:

Our Psychologists providing mental capacity assessments will assess the individuals understanding of their circumstances and decisions needing to be made and produce a report detailing areas of difficulty, and any measures that should be put in place to support the individual.

Please note that it is crucial that you give us as much information as possible at the enquiry stage, to ensure that we find an expert with the right expertise. It may also be necessary to undertake a Cognitive assessment of the client, as it is not possible to conclude that an individual is lacking capacity without an identifiable cause/difficulty.



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