Dr Alexander Drake

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Alexander Drake is an HCPC registered Clinical Psychologist who specialises in expert opinion. He has worked in adult and older adult mental health, substance misuse, learning disability, neurorehabilitation, functional neurology, and neuropsychology. He is interested in assessment and the unconscious expression of psychological distress through the body (e.g. pain, fatigue, FND).
Dr Drake offers rapid and high-quality assessments of cognitive functioning and mental capacity. He is skilled at identifying and describing for non-mental health professionals the contributory factors in a person’s presentation and providing detailed, precise recommendations for assisting that person to ensure they perform at their best.
A passionate learner, winner of two university prizes and published academic author (including a paper examining the complexities of capacity assessment), Dr Drake continues to refine his understanding of human psychology so he can provide the highest quality professional service.


Adult Therapy, Adult Assessment

Locations Covered

Devon, Somerset