We are delighted to have worked with Daniel Barnett, Barrister at Outer Temple Chambers and LBC Presenter, to collaboratively write his new small book on Spotting Malingering. It focuses on helping employers to identify malingering in their staff, and provides expert guidance on what to do about it.

“You made the book 1,000 x better.” – Daniel Barnett

Spotting Malingering

New Small Book by Daniel Barnett, written in collaboration with Dr Kerry Davison, our Clinical Director

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Category: Adoption and Fostering

Mental Health Awareness for Children and Young People

Supporting children who have experienced grief and loss

Losing someone close is always a difficult experience at any age but experiencing grief as a child can be particularly complicated.  So many difficult emotions can arise and it can feel very overwhelming and hard to navigate. What kind of reactions might we see in children who have experienced grief

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Adoption and Fostering

Tips for supporting children who are experiencing school non-attendance

When a child experiences difficulties in attending school, the impacts can be far-reaching for both the child and their family. Various terminology is used to describe school non-attendance (SNA), such as ‘Emotionally based school non-attendance’ and ‘emotionally-based school avoidance’ (EBSA). Often researchers and educators distinguish between truancy and EBSA; however,

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Adoption and Fostering

Helping Children to Understand and Manage Stress

Understanding, recognising and coping with stress can be difficult for young people. Our Top Tips for Helping Children Understand and Manage Stress resource aims to provide practical strategies and guidance to help you support your child to better understand, minimise and manage stress.

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Adoption and Fostering

What to expect from your child’s Occupational Therapist

Our What to Expect from Your Child’s Occupational Therapist (OT) resource provides a helpful overview of what your child’s OT will explore with you and your child in order to understand and support your child’s sensory needs, and the process of Occupational Therapy Services at Psychology Associates.

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