Adoption & Fostering

“External professionals described the agency as ‘impressive’ and commented on the progress that children have made”

Ofsted, 2016

Helping children to recover from traumatic experiences is a difficult task and we are aware of the particular challenges faced by foster carers, adoptive parents, special guardians, social workers and other professionals.

We offer a wide range of services…

  • Multi-Disciplinary Assessments to provide a holistic understanding of a child to inform of a possible interventions
  • A range of therapies for children and parents or carers (for example, DDP, VIG, CBT and theraplay)
  • Adoption support for professionals and parents
  • Training for professionals
  • Training for foster carers and adoptive parents
  • Consultation and training to residential support staff and  other front line staff



“Highly trained and exceptionally well-supported therapists provide thorough assessments and carefully tailored services”

Ofsted, 2016

Our psychologists are specialised in working with children and young people who are experiencing trauma and attachment difficulties, and we offer a number of services targeted at supporting and optimising the fostering and adoption process. We consider the whole child and their environment when thinking about their strengths and needs, including current functioning at home, school and with their peers, family relationships, experiences in school, trauma history, attachment relationships and neurodevelopmental factors.  We use a “bio-psycho-social” model to incorporate up to date knowledge within a range of areas to best understand a child and their experiences in order to inform how best to support them to reach their potential.
Specialist psychologists train and advise foster carers and adoptive parents using PACE (Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy – Ref: Hughes and Golding, 2012) as the parenting style of choice with children who have had early difficult life experiences.  The training workshops that have now been delivered nationally are well received by carers, parents and professionals alike.

Adoption Support Funding

The Adoption Support Fund (ASF) was introduced as many adoptive and specialist guardianship families require some kind of therapeutic support. To find out more this funding, we have an ASF Information Sheet available, or you can visit the ASF Website.
Some of the fostering and adoption agencies we work with are
Cornwall Council
Torbay council
Pathway care
Swansea council
Bristol City Council
Plymouth CC
Families for children
Action for children
Manchecter CC
Our practice is registered with Ofsted, the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills and has been accredited as an  ‘Outstanding’ Adoption Support Agency. For details of our official registration on the Ofsted website please click here
Psychology Associates is also a member of CASA (the Consortium of Adoption Support Agencies), a group of independent Adoption Support Agencies (ASAs) who are registered under the Adoption and Children Act 2002.
Visit the CASA website for more information.

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Statement of Purpose

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