Vicarious Trauma – Virtual Workshop

Professionals such as social workers, medical staff, mental health professionals, drug and alcohol workers and solicitors are routinely exposed to high levels of psychological trauma when supporting their clients. This work impacts their psychological health and is often cumulative. While ‘burnout’ can affect workers in any profession, those encountering trauma and distress in their role can find themselves more deeply impacted by the work, experiencing ‘compassion fatigue’ and, at its most significant, vicarious traumatisation. This is due to the high levels of emotional engagement and attunement required from staff for this type of work. Additionally, staff may report that trauma they encounter at work re-triggers personal experiences of trauma or distress in their own lives.

This workshop aims to raise awareness about the risks of compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma and to equip attendees with ideas and strategies to prevent it from occurring, or minimise its effect on the individual when it does occur. It will be delivered using information sharing, individual exercises and small group discussions with the aim of supporting individuals to identify practical ideas to prioritise their own wellbeing at work.

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2:30 pm

5:00 pm


£45 + VAT


Virtual via Zoom