Introducing Working Memory and Executive Functioning – A Virtual Workshop

Many children and young people find curriculum learning increasingly demanding; they can also struggle with daily tasks and activities leading to situations where they feel confused, upset, overwhelmed and unable to complete tasks. Executive Functioning and Working Memory are the tools we use to help us navigate our daily worlds and are essential to our success in any learning task.

This workshop is applicable for school and education setting staff including teachers, teaching/learning assistants, SEN staff and school leaders. Other professionals who also support young people in school/liaise regularly with school staff will also benefit. It will explore the concepts of Working Memory and Executive Functions; we will look at barriers and challenges to these functions and signs to look out for to help adults know when children and young people would benefit from support. The session will also explore useful strategies and interventions to support Working Memory and Executive Functioning needs to help empower children and young people and build their learning resilience. There will be opportunities for questions and discussion to further explore any queries.

This workshop will be delivered by Dr Adam Lewis-Cole, Educational Psychologist, and will run from 2.30pm-5.00pm.

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2:30 pm

Psychology Associates

£40 + VAT

Virtual via Zoom