Supporting Clients with Mental Health Difficulties – Supporting Them and Supporting You

This training is aimed at professionals who support people with mental health difficulties in their professional role. This could include teachers who take a pastoral role, solicitors who support clients with mental health difficulties, or other professionals who are part of a wellbeing support team within their organisation.

The training will provide attendees with an overview of mental health difficulties and presentations. It will also explore how best to have difficult conversations with people, how to support someone in emotional distress and how to support them to build their emotional resilience. As part of this, it will focus on using the same structure to bolster your own emotional resilience and will cover the impact of compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma, which can affect those in professions that entail caring for and supporting others in distress.

The training will encompass much of the same material as our Mental Health Awareness and Vicarious Trauma trainings, but will include additional detail and will expand to provide time to practice implementing elements of the training to build your own confidence in supporting clients with mental health difficulties.

Event Details:

Start Date:



9:30 am



£80 + VAT


Buckfastleigh, Devon