Sensory Processing Difficulties – A Virtual Workshop

This training will be held by our resident Specialist Occupational Therapist, Trudy Richards, who has vast experience in working with children and young people with Sensory Processing (SP) difficulties. The workshop will provide an overview of SP and sensory integration theory, and how SP difficulties will manifest in a child’s behaviour. The training will develop a wider understanding of an individual’s 7 senses and how they can be affected by SP difficulties. The training will provide delegates with strategies on how to help children and young people with SP to regulate. It will include how to best support a young person with SP difficulties within different settings, including education and the home.

The workshop will be suitable for professionals who work in education, social workers and mental health professionals. It will run from 10.00am-12.00pm.

To book your place please email Kaley Gibbs, Service Development Co-ordinator; or call on 0300 303 5233. Please enquire about group and trainee discounts.

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10:00 am

Psychology Associates

£40 + VAT

Virtual via Zoom.