Self-Care and Building Resilience – Virtual Training

Self-care is increasingly recognised to be paramount in managing the impact of stress and facilitating well-being. This workshop will provide information and guidance in promoting personal resilience. Information will be shared on the most up to date science and understanding of self-care, and why it is so important. There will be a particular focus on developing self-compassion in line with recent developments in the understanding of the essential role this plays in our resilience. We will go on to explore our self-care needs, both personally and professionally, within busy everyday lives, and will focus on how to recognise and meet them more routinely. This will be an interactive workshop with lots of practical and effective wellbeing toolkit strategies you can use to boost your emotional health and build resilience, both as individuals and within the workplace.

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9:00 am

12:00 pm



£45 + VAT


Virtual via Zoom