Precision Teaching Essentials – Virtual Training

Precision Teaching is a widely recommended, evidence-based intervention which supports children and young people in acquiring new skills and knowledge. The Essentials course is ideal for those who wish to begin using Precision Teaching with children and young people, or those who would like a refresher. There is also an advanced course which explores using Precision Teaching to support a wider range of skills including numeracy (we recommend that this course can be completed once you have been able to practice using Precision Teaching). This session will cover the theory and principles of the approach and go through, step-by-step, how to design, run and evaluate the intervention. We will focus on using Precision Teaching to support reading (See to Say). All the materials you need to get up and running with Precision Teaching will also be provided and there will be opportunities for practice and Q&A throughout so that you can build confidence and explore queries as they arise.

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2:30 pm

5:00 pm


£45 + VAT


Virtual via Zoom