Mental Health Awareness for Managers

This workshop is applicable to all professionals across different backgrounds of work. Many organisations are becoming more aware of the impact of mental health on their staff, particularly in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. Stress, depression and anxiety have previously been thought to be responsible for 83 million lost working days each year in the UK*. Following the potential increased workloads, financial pressures and changes to our coping strategies caused by the pandemic, it is highly likely that these levels will majorly increase.

The workshop will provide attendees with an understanding of common mental health difficulties, including main symptoms, and provide ideas from a variety of psychological therapies that can be used to support ourselves to bolster our resilience and improve our wellbeing. These strategies along with additional ideas will then be presented to support those that you work with, line manage or support. The training will help you to feel more confident in having open, safe and honest conversations around mental wellbeing, have knowledge to signpost colleagues to appropriate avenues, and feel more comfortable with suggesting strategies to others, or use yourself.

*Das-Munshi et al., 2008

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9:30 am

1:00 pm


£48 + VAT


Virtual via Zoom