Having Difficult Conversations – Virtual Training

This training will be beneficial for any professional, especially those who line manage or appraise, who have difficult conversations with either fellow employees and/or clients, customers or those you support in your profession (such as parents and carers). Having a difficult conversation can be anxiety provoking which, in turn, can lead to key messages of the conversations being misunderstood and misleading. This training will use knowledge and skills from therapeutic practice to help provide you with more confidence and practical methods to have difficult conversations while remaining calm, compassionate and facilitating a mutually helpful outcome.

The training will be led by Dr Kerry Davison, Director and Registered Clinical Psychologist, who has experience in providing consultation and support to a wide range of individuals such as teachers, businesses and carers and parents.

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3:00 pm

5:00 pm



£45 + VAT


Virtual via Zoom