Beyond Attachment: the impact of DLD and ACE’s on development and behaviour

Developmental Language Disorders (DLD) have been called “the most common disability you will never have heard of” (Prof Courtenay Norbury). DLD is around 8 times more common than autism and affects around 2 pupils in every class of 30. However, it can be difficult to identify and often goes unrecognised, especially in children and young people who are at risk of school exclusion, are in care, are presenting with mental health difficulties, are vulnerable to exploitation, or known to youth offending and drug and alcohol services. Many of these most vulnerable children and young people have attachment trauma that can additionally mask their neurodevelopmental language and communication difficulties.

This training will seek to build on our understanding of attachment trauma to look beyond attachment and explore the impact of DLD and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) on children and young people’s development and behaviour. It will look at the implications for emotional well-being, education and social relationships. This training aims to raise awareness about DLD and is suitable for all those working with vulnerable children and young people including teachers, teaching assistants, therapists, residential home support workers.

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3:30 pm

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Virtual via Zoom