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“It helped me not get so angry so much and it helped me with my worries.” 

Feedback from a child following their therapy sessions

We can offer support to children and young people…

Everyone experiences a range of distressing emotions in their lives, including children and young people. Normally, with the support of their family and friends they will find a way to manage these feelings. However, at times, for example following a trauma, loss or transition, this may feel too difficult to cope with alone and the child and family may feel stuck and not know what to do. In such situations therapeutic support can be particularly helpful.


Through psychological therapy children and families can learn to manage emotional, relational and behavioural distress such as anxiety, depression, loss, attachment difficulties, parental separation and trauma.
For therapy to be successful it is important that the relationship between the therapist and the child is a positive one. Our child psychologists are all highly experienced in working with children and their parents and carers in a sensitive way, helping the whole family feel at ease in discussing their difficulties and thinking together about how to make positive changes. We have a number of psychologists who have specialised in working with children and young people who are in care and/or adopted.
We deliver our therapeutic services in a range of settings including family homes, therapy centres, schools and other neutral but welcoming venues.
The first step is usually a consultation appointment to parents or carers (depending on the age of the child) during which our psychologist will explore with the young person what the issues are. This is likely to take about 90 minutes. Based on the information discussed, he or she will make an assessment of the young person’s needs and recommend the most appropriate therapeutic approach.

Below are the approaches we typically use:

Psychology Associates can provide training

As outlined above, Psychology Associates specialises in providing Dyadic Development Psychotherapy and has many highly-qualified psychologists trained in undertaking this model with children and families. We also run DDP Level 1 and 2 Training Days, please refer to our Training Page for more information.
Psychology Associates works closely with the DDP Network to ensure that our staff are delivering the highest level of therapeutic support possible. For more information on the DDP Network, please refer to their website: ddpnetwork.org
We also offer a full range of other relevant services for children and families. These include support and consultation to people and systems around a child, including parents and carers, social workers and residential workers. This can be useful where young people may not benefit at that particular time from direct therapeutic work, but can be supported indirectly by those around them.

We asked a child following therapeutic support, how we could make the service better:

‘Nothing. It’s perfect!’