James Naylor

Therapeutic Counsellor

James Naylor is a NCS Registered Therapeutic Counsellor working with a varied range of clinical presentations. He works regularly supporting clients in and throughout a cancer pathway, working alongside clients living with long-term and complex issues, such as addiction and trauma, as well as loss grief.
Through his career, James has explored many areas of interest within the field of health and social care, including; autism and learning disabilities/difficulties, general physical health conditions and illness as well as end of life stage care in NHS community hospital inpatient and community-based home intervention care. James has built upon this experience, developing his skills and knowledge within severe and enduring, chronic and acute mental health inpatient care, and in primary care treatment working with common mental health conditions, drug and alcohol misuse, self harm, suicide, as well as areas of social deprivation as in homelessness, domestic violence and abuse, sex working and sexual exploitation.


Adult Therapy, Child Therapy

Locations Covered