Fiona McIlhagga

Play Therapist

Fiona is a PTUK (Play Therapy UK) registered, Certified Play Therapist, registered with the PSA. Fiona is an experienced primary school teacher and has many years’ experience of adoption. Fiona supports children to overcome developmental trauma and traumatic experiences, to overcome challenging behaviours and/or a poor sense of self. Fiona engages children with non-directive play therapy, introducing directed work as and when appropriate, and gives the child the power to explore and express their tricky emotions, memories and relationships in a non-threatening way. Together, as loud or as quiet, as still or as fluid as they like; Fiona’s reflection gives them insight and encourages them to examine the cause of behavioural patterns. In play therapy they can explore more positive ways of thinking and being, new responses and views of themselves and others. Over time, these new ways become normal as the brain develops new neural pathways.


Adoption and Fostering, Child Therapy

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