…for adults

“The therapy helped me overcome something I thought I never could”

Feedback from a client

Psychology Associates offers a safe and confidential space

Individuals or couples who may be experiencing difficulties in their lives or relationships, have mental health concerns or who want to improve their psychological health and wellbeing can benefit from our services. Our psychologists are highly qualified and experienced in a range of therapeutic methods that have been shown to be effective for a range of presenting problems.
If you are looking for a therapeutic approach not listed below please get in touch as we may have therapists who are able to offer what you are looking for. Alternatively, you may find that  trying to choose between approaches feels daunting and confusing. It is not necessary for  you to choose as you will be able to discuss your needs and which approach might be best for you at you initial appointment. The Psychologist will be able to guide you in making a decision.
Some therapies are fairly short term and focus on solving specific problems or relieving particular symptoms whereas other therapies may be longer term and more about exploring and understanding your feelings and experiences.

Therapies we provide include:


Just some of the great feedback we have had from our clients following therapy sessions with our highly qualified psychologists:
“My confidence has improved and the sessions have reminded me of how valuable I am”
When asking clients how we could make our service better for them, we have received the following comments:
‘I can’t think of anyway it could be better’
To arrange a consultation please call a member of our Clinical Admin Team on 0845 026 7260.  Or, if you prefer, email us on enquiry@psychologyassociates.org.uk