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Supporting Emotional Wellbeing in Educational Settings

School staff have a vital role to play in the emotional and psychological health of children and young people yet they often need additional support to help them tackle some of the more challenging issues that they face. Our approach combines opportunities for staff consultation with assessment and therapeutic interventions directly to the young people. Services can be embedded in the school environment to increase ease of access and to de-stigmatise mental health challenges that are so common in this age group.

Boy and teacher - front page full panel.croppedOur psychologists have extensive expertise in working with children and young people and in providing psychological support to schools. The services we provide are underpinned by excellent knowledge of child development and attachment theory, which we believe to be essential to understanding children and young people and providing appropriate interventions.

We are currently supporting children and young people in primary, secondary and private schools with:

  • Screening/Assessment – where there is a psychological/social component to their presentation i.e. not linked to academic study or learning support specifically
  • Therapy provision – including Mindfulness, mentalisation, brief solution focused, narrative and cognitive behavioural approaches
  • Drop-in service – sessions for emergency requests where a young person has a sudden identified need

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We support teachers and pastoral staff with:

  • Developing Attachment based strategies for the classroom. Children with attachment difficulties often find it difficult to cope in a school setting and our psychologists work with teaching staff to develop an individual approach to help a young person cope with mainstream school
  • Consultation and Supervision. Staff receive clinical supervision and professional advice from our psychologists to support how they care for young people experiencing mental health difficulties
  • Staff Training. We provide training in schools on how to identify mental health difficulties in young people, suitable strategies for providing support and advice on where to go for additional help

Due to the range of training needs in schools we have recently offered free training to schools in Devon and Cornwall. This training covers how to manage psychological issues and provide guidance for students who do not meet criteria for CAMHS; sign posting on to other services; provision of consultation/strategies and training for schools who have students with complex needs.

We are also committed to the development of compassionate and mindful school environments. We help this by participating in whole school wellbeing activities through:

  • Providing workshops on self confidence
  • Offering group sessions to young people
  • Introducing initiatives around managing stress for students
  • Contributing to assemblies on suitable psychological topics
  • Contributing to the PHSE curriculum by building in psychological topics in consultation with teachers
  • Contributing to parents’ evenings when helpful and appropriate
  • Assisting in writing psychologically informed school policy documents
  • Providing major or critical incident psychological support

To find out more about how we can support your school please contact our Senior Educational Psychologist, Dr Emma Corrigan,  on 0845 026 7260 or email us on

Some of the schools we are working with include:

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